We pride ourselves on offering our team members the opportunity to develop and grow in
their chosen career by providing a range of development programs.

Hotel management trainings

This program is also known as the H.M. course. Participants will have to deal with different sets of theoretical subjects as well as practical classes. The course will help develop skills that will help graduates thrive in the Hotel as well as Tourism Management sector. It will help them take on managerial posts in the above mentioned sectors. Entrepreneurial skills are also honed during this course.

Training Restaurant Servers

Regardless of a restaurant's size or style, the serving staff represents the face of every dining establishment. These individuals will interact the most with your customers during a visit, and positive interactions can go a long way towards ensuring those same patrons return. This program will help them to improve Etiquette, Appearance, Knowledge of Restaurant Vision

Cooking course and training

Cooking course and training is for any student beginning a career in this field of work. First of all, cooking requires love, whether you are preparing food for your loved ones, or for a guest in a restaurant. However, when it comes to the latter, it requires a great amount of practice to perfect it and to be able to adequately express your knowledge.

Front desk and receptionist training

As a receptionist you are the public face and voice of your Hotel, so the impression you give is the image that counts. Good communication skills are essential and this course looks at how to develop your professionalism and excel at your role. Effective customer care is now the main thing that decides between successful organisations and those that struggle with their image.